Welcome to The Sisu Way. A show about grit, character, life philosophy, fitness, leadership, service, and what it means to choose strength. 

My name is Scott McGee. I am a family man, friend, thinker, guardian, and a peaceful warrior with an open mind and unconquerable soul.

There are many reasons for this project. Each of these will be expanded on in future posts and podcast episodes. One of my biggest drives and inspirations is I want to leave lessons for my kids to find as they grow up.  I want them to have content and lessons they can share with their kids.
Another reason is to motivate and help others.  Writing more on social media, opening up on podcasts, allowing my thoughts and personal feelings to be publicized is something I decided to do because I found that the message reached someone at the right time.  I found that Vulnerability is Strength.  It helps others get through their own battles and think differently about their circumstances . It also helps me. Battles, adversity, challenges are universal and unavoidable, but we have choice to decide how to react to it. Our attitudes and thoughts are in our control. Strength is a choice.
I would like to grow this into a movement for service and growth, both internally and externally.  MLK said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”  I see this as a launching pad to unite us and to help others get through lifes challenges and accomplish their goals. The possibilities to help others are endless, and I know I can do more. Its through those hardships, battles, challenges, that you see the best part of human behavior. The triumph of the human spirit, helping others, and teaching my kids is what I want to support.
The word Sisu (See – Su) has been important to me for a long time.  It is a Finnish word that takes several paragraphs in English to try and explain.  It is my favorite word.  Sisu is strength and determination in the face of adversity.  It’s persistence, hope, and grit. The unbeatable mindset full of courage, tenacity, resilience, willpower, triumph, and an indomitable spirit. It’s about choosing to have an unconquerable soul.


That is The Sisu Way.

Thank you for visiting and remember:

Health is Wealth. Vulnerability is Strength. Strength is a choice.

You are the Master of your Fate. You are the Captain of your Soul.

Get Up Strong and Be Unconquerable.


Scott McGee


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