1: For Dad – The Why

Welcome to the first episode of The Sisu Way Podcast. There are many reasons for this passion project, and I’d like to start the show with my ‘why’. One of the major themes is the awareness, appreciation, connection and gratitude for life and the opportunity to leave lessons for the next generation.  In this episode I share a deeply personal experience (12:41) and lesson in the balance of life and death. Within the same week, my first son was born and my father died.  Life is a privilege, not a guarantee.  It’s a reminder that health is wealth, and there is no time to waste in sharing how you feel with your loved ones.  With that being said, I encourage you to start writing for your loved ones, and have the generation in front of you do the same.  Don’t assume your kids know that much about you as a person, or that there will be lessons for them if something were to happen to you.  There is generational information that is lost between is, and there is something we can do about it!

Another reason for the show is to motivate, inspire, and help others.  I want to grow this together into a movement for service and personal growth.  Surrendering, writing more on social media, and opening up personal thoughts is something I decided to do because I found it reached someone at the right time.  That connection helps build us both up. Battles, adversity challenges are all universal and unavoidable but we have a choice how to react to it. Our attitudes and thoughts are in our control.  Accountability is happiness and strength is a choice.

This episode was a relief for me to record. I did not know how I would feel recording solo for the first time, but I am glad I did it. I hope you appreciate my honesty and I humbly thank you for listening. I am very excited for what this show has in store for all of us!

Stay strong,


3 thoughts on “1: For Dad – The Why

  1. Today I listened to the first episode of TheSisuWay. Interestingly, I have to wait for the following episodes, in which Scott will focus on the issues mentioned in Section 1 deeper. A humble man with a big heart, you should listen, I recommend.


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  3. A year to the date I have stumbled upon your ig page and was instantly drawn to it because of a finish friend who introduced me to the term SISU. I went to your podcast and looked for an interested title and found #1 to be interesting enough, so I downloaded it and began to listen. Again the connection captivated me as I again am very familiar with the Invictus poem. Throughout your podcast I stopped as I stop right now, to take a deep breath and hold back the emotion. There is so much wealth in these 31.29 minutes that I am sure I will listen to it again. I am saddened at the loss of your father knowing how much you must want him to be a part of your sons life. I have yet to listen to other episodes to know about your son so I will share with you a little about mine. As a father I am heartbroken. My sons name is Aaron, currently 24 years old battling cancer. His mother and I divorced when he was 3 or 4 and because of her he and I have not had a relationship until earlier this year when I found out he was sick. As a son I am heartbroken. My father has always been very disconnected from me and not really the loving type, or maybe just loving in his own not having grown up with a father of his way. He is hard to communicate with and very set in his old fashioned ways. Nonetheless, I try to maintain as great as can be relationship with my son and also with my father. I am also the father of 2 daughters, 19 and 14. My oldest daughter, while off at college during her first semester, came home to tell my wife and I, she chose to tell me first, that she was pregnant. I will skip all the heartbreak that ensued to say that I am now a happy granddad of an soon to be 8 month old. I hope to be for him what I was not for my son and what my father was not for me, a man of character that he can and will always be able to look up to. Your podcast has given me the avenue to express these feeling, writing it down, pass on some history for me to look back on and for others to learn from as well. Thank you for the podcast, I hope it to be a learning tool for me through your own discovery and sharing.
    I am the captain of my fate, the master of my soul.
    Semper Fi


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