Val Voboril – Our Wonder Woman

Val Voboril is the everyday woman with super-powered fitness.  She is a MOTHER, 4th Grade TEACHER, and a CROSSFIT athlete on the way to her 6th CrossFit Games.

But these titles do not define her. The quality of her character is also shown through her lesson in resilience, her sisu story, and how she came out of her dip which began in 2015.

At the 2015 CrossFit California Regional, Val struggled mentally and failed to qualify for the Games.  Her passion for competition that previously drove her to multiple successful competitions wasn’t there. Val, despite her almost super-human powers, had doubt in herself and felt the fear of disappointing others.  This is a place we have all been, but it’s not where we stay.  She thought about the kind of message she wanted to send to her daughter, her students, fans, and the community.

Her dad asked her:

What do you want the story to be to tell your daughter? That you pulled through, gave up, or persevered when it was hard?

Val found strength in having fun and connecting to the community. Like Wonder Woman, she used love and strength to conquer. In 2017, at the same event and location as the 2015 CrossFit California Regional, Val smiled. Through this simple act, Val showed the power of having fun. In turn, through her unconquerable spirit she prevailed in competition and triumphed over her own adversity.

Val possesses a resilient spirit and faces adversity with strength and a smile! Val is not only a role model to the CrossFit community, she leads the way by teaching her students the importance of a positive attitude and how to get themselves out of a dip. This mindset and indomitable spirit is why we at The Sisu Way fully support our wonder woman, Val Voboril.

A large part of The Sisu Way is supporting those that not only show an unconquerable soul in the face of adversity, but also help others.  Val is a unique person and someone we want to support on her journey to the CrossFit Games, which is why we have created this shirt for her. (Click on the Store button)




WODcast Podcast Interview with Val

FloElite Interview with Val






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